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orchid odes poetry prompts

pistil poetry prompt:

write a poem to wound repair

chard repair kit
photo: mcylouie

ode to tissue

after macrophage & fibroblast

big mac me first responders     /slip beneath yellow tape
bright light blue skills     /nights deep into deed
cavern mouth devour death     /stoop shoulders
debris bacto patho crabs     /second explosion cast nets
suck out sickness     /filament transpacific cable strong
i am wound’s bottomfeeder    /venus my embrace
healer’s epidermis helper    /secrete collagen cast nectar
seven month season green    /layer after layer cross wound
spleen let blood collagen     /beds knit membrane basement
clot cascade fire     /muscle enough to massage
vessels dilate pain’s veins     /mesophyll fishnet stockings
let angry scar beehive     /spiderqueen longing
retire neutrophils clear ground     /thread textile looms
for fibroblasts & endothelials    /who knows when to step down
amoeba walkathon     /i am grief spinning veil
over sorrow’s wasteland     /hiding tender new you

lace orchid lace