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orchid odes poetry prompts

pistil poetry prompt:

write a poem to a pair, trio, quartet or lucky number of friends.

Pungmul players, Dano Festival, Kangnung, Korea 2009
photo credit: mcylouie

ode to four friends

for jamae sori & kycc & ieumsae

at summer’s end twilight rests easy
round cornstalks. dragonflies lift off
leaf helipads. ribbons in five directions
colors festoon halmoni village tree

jing woongs surround sound. embraces
villagers inside concentric circle fields
nodding heads with grain glory.
pumpkin pride. tomato red redemption

jangku ki-daks hourglass sexy undulates
paths dusty with joy & sorrow’s footsteps.
we seeds of farmers past. eggplants
blushing indigo sins of fathers

buk du-dungs rolling thunder. lightening
lover’s ecstasy. sudden electric expanse
of sky. peasant road music to trod sod
seasons. marchers to dance urban arteries

kwaengari ji-kaengs heaven sori.
reddens firefly nights. plumps sticky
rice gratitude. frees leaf brown hands
to open poetry’s veins

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note: for the basics about these instruments & style of music see wiki. see professor donna kwon for analysis of the development of this music among korean diaspora in the us. see ieumsae for oakland ca’s pungmul revival.