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orchid odes poetry prompts – ode to kut jaengi

pistil prompt:

crazy dance. levitate.

Pyeong Taek Farmers Music Group 
credit: mcylouie

ode to kut jaengi

between heaven & earth, bridge
between spirit & grave, shaman
between ash & me, this life
sit me cross-legged among grannies

& grampies dano festival kangneung
delirious week east coast shamans wailing
24/7 silk petal skirts whirling possession
shring shring shring! kwaengari bara jing

olshigoh! chuimsae changku buk wingmen
as oldsters stuff 10,000 won bribes
shaman’s breastband for buy good luck
i butt walk down halmoni request

line plunk down 30,000. shaman sets my
ricepaper prayer afire fans push flames
to heavens so ancestors can join party
a year has flown since burying baba

fifteen since mom flew to church picnic in sky
their legacy: adult children of alcoholics—
clown, acting out, invisible—& control
freaky me. failure embedded in our mission.

but aiguh! see how moth-to-flame brightly we fail?
i be wingman drummer shouting courage
to crazies. i be bud lite mudang groveling
before spirits. if only handful of suns until

reach age halmoni & mom flamed out, if
only time to cook maybe one more biggie
what should it be: potato salad or chop chae?
cause grandson laughs at my jokes—what could

top that? when i mount bridge between
earth & sky play me party animal kut
cleansing music. sampled with lil stevie
& mary j bilge. so i can get my fly on

fly orchid fly