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orchid odes poetry prompts

pistil poetry prompt:

flash a story in a stanza.

rabbits to earth
photo credit: mcylouie

ode to bedtime stories

too bad, says rabbit to dragon king of sea, i left my liver
for your elixir home. hold up a sec & i’ll be back 
before you can say ‘hippity hop.’ dragon squints.
like it takes time to fire up his seaweed brain.

chang’e returns to window, pulls aside silk curtain.
sighs to earth floating dreamily in midnight sky. why
did we leave him behind, rabbit, why?

a 10-spud family lives underground. their dirt-for-dinner is
ruined by lovers screaming their eyes off two yams overhead.
shut up! yells halaboji. or get a damn motel room! but
horny howls dive deep into the dirt. driving leaves to kamikaze
from trees. rob roots of rest. spoil cloud ear taichi pose
of rabbits & morning commute of bears.

shring! yi holds his fist open against his cheek for half a breath.
damn you! screams three-legged crow spinning earth’s 9th sun
into fiery nosedive. yi pumps his fist. down to one sun
earth ends its sentence as hot skillet. i can take off these
stinking boots. yi grins. maidens will flock singing my name.
chang’e & i will drink elixir to palace on moon. he teletexts her.
coming home, woman. famished. get my dinner ready.
moon shudders. no one answers.

rabbit orchid rabbit