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orchid odes poetry prompts – ode to magnolia

pistil prompt:

write of girl heroine & her armor maker.

magnolia’s orchid sister
credit: belvin louie

ode to magnolia

for nguyen. jade orchid. midnight fragrance. lotus reborn in wings
of tree. full breasted bloom azalea wine. where doves rest.

mulan asks me to alter pants
she’ll don to crossdress as
soldier substitute for father

i add another gusset to crotch
bag out seat so no one will
be her heart shaped butt wiser

when sword skills reveal
her mettle again she summons
snow flower to quilt courage

beneath her metal petals ward
off enemy blows in secret i start
to pleat skirt prayer she’ll return

to simple flower life before enemy
catapults fresh firethorns already girl
tribes dream of following her banner

sew orchid sew