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orchid odes poetry prompts – ode to hummingbird

pistil prompt:

write to a favorite athlete or compulsion.

blue zoom
credit: marciazizzi/pixabay

ode to hummingbird

only hours from starvation
you drink your weight in gold
each day visit hundreds of honeys
brilliant coquettes giant emeralds topaz
bees mango jacobin hermits
when night drops so must
you into torpor stupor
until spider shake breakfast

you stunt fly backwards
up with the downstroke
float like a butterfly
zing like a bee
zoom like a choir of tiny violins
smoke ring vortices
hovercraft wings fourscore beats
each second summer patagonia past
bee squadrons gulf of mexico

your bill & tongue magic wand
orchid’s pleasure zoom zoom
lover of blur beak
periwinkle fuchsia who brought
ohlone fire refracting
rainbows thru prism
cells glossing your feathers
you are shellmound’s rise

zing orchid zing