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orchid odes poetry prompts – epilogue

pistil prompt:

go forth and multiply.

sunshine me
credit: belvin louie


you tickled me, orchid
but which me?

is it snap pea season me kids racing my scalp: ready-set-grow
is it flesh-n-bone me your watermelons hanging voluptuous on my vines
is it passion me rustling your cane stallions beneath eve’s sugar bed

is it poulstice season me mugwort spit shotgun salve
is it mustard seed me wattle shack walls lazarus back
is it general tubman north star twinkle me hide scent from hounds

fed your ancestors orchid petals when they fed me
ate them when time to return the favor

trampoline me into sun

i promise to gravestone
your shrine bones yellow
dragon you middle kingdom
come worm season

for bamboo is my hair
fungus my root
you my orchestra

music orchid music