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orchid odes poetry prompts
– ode to bojaki & bonemaché

pistil prompt:

stitch a crossword puzzle.

bokjaki courage
credit: mcylouie

ode to bojaki  bonemaché

each step                           each step
apprehension joy            fear fuckit
measure turquoise          measure where to crack

with sienna back              bone depleted calcium
of mind cross pairs          humerus femur tibia
blade squares                    back of mind

triangles trapezoids         switch uppers lowers
switch partners pin          recut into vertebrae
for zigzag swim for           puzzle new spine

beginner’s eye                    cripple mind
24 stitches to inch             torn lotus leaf obits
pierce circle                        wheatpaste fracture

climb temple steps            mugwort marrow
karbala knee stitch            sanitary napkins
suck tongue strip               by dip by strip

friends seam & rip             round bloody knees
parents fly from roof         stations of massacre
knot cut                                step-step-stepbow

baby waves                          friends cement
umbilical cord                    elders urn
pierce circle begin             baby tests bones

mosaic cipher                     mosaic fragments
pilgrim patterns                 dip strip suck tongue
stack circle back                 recast circle back

nail lucky bat                      donkey day crush
line to protect work           pearls into marrow
lost name women              names lost to tribe

stitch        orchid                stitch