orchid odes pistol prompts – epilogue

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orchid odes poetry prompts – epilogue

pistil prompt:

go forth and multiply.

sunshine me
credit: belvin louie


you tickled me, orchid
but which me?

is it snap pea season me kids racing my scalp: ready-set-grow
is it flesh-n-bone me your watermelons hanging voluptuous on my vines
is it passion me rustling your cane stallions beneath eve’s sugar bed

is it poulstice season me mugwort spit shotgun salve
is it mustard seed me wattle shack walls lazarus back
is it general tubman north star twinkle me hide scent from hounds

fed your ancestors orchid petals when they fed me
ate them when time to return the favor

trampoline me into sun

i promise to gravestone
your shrine bones yellow
dragon you middle kingdom
come worm season

for bamboo is my hair
fungus my root
you my orchestra

music orchid music

orchid odes poetry prompts – ode to kut jaengi

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orchid odes poetry prompts – ode to kut jaengi

pistil prompt:

crazy dance. levitate.

Pyeong Taek Farmers Music Group 
credit: mcylouie

ode to kut jaengi

between heaven & earth, bridge
between spirit & grave, shaman
between ash & me, this life
sit me cross-legged among grannies

& grampies dano festival kangneung
delirious week east coast shamans wailing
24/7 silk petal skirts whirling possession
shring shring shring! kwaengari bara jing

olshigoh! chuimsae changku buk wingmen
as oldsters stuff 10,000 won bribes
shaman’s breastband for buy good luck
i butt walk down halmoni request

line plunk down 30,000. shaman sets my
ricepaper prayer afire fans push flames
to heavens so ancestors can join party
a year has flown since burying baba

fifteen since mom flew to church picnic in sky
their legacy: adult children of alcoholics—
clown, acting out, invisible—& control
freaky me. failure embedded in our mission.

but aiguh! see how moth-to-flame brightly we fail?
i be wingman drummer shouting courage
to crazies. i be bud lite mudang groveling
before spirits. if only handful of suns until

reach age halmoni & mom flamed out, if
only time to cook maybe one more biggie
what should it be: potato salad or chop chae?
cause grandson laughs at my jokes—what could

top that? when i mount bridge between
earth & sky play me party animal kut
cleansing music. sampled with lil stevie
& mary j bilge. so i can get my fly on

fly orchid fly

Orchid Ode Poetry Prompts – Ode to Bojaki & Bonemaché

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orchid odes poetry prompts
– ode to bojaki & bonemaché

pistil prompt:

stitch a crossword puzzle.

bokjaki courage
credit: mcylouie

ode to bojaki  bonemaché

each step                           each step
apprehension joy            fear fuckit
measure turquoise          measure where to crack

with sienna back              bone depleted calcium
of mind cross pairs          humerus femur tibia
blade squares                    back of mind

triangles trapezoids         switch uppers lowers
switch partners pin          recut into vertebrae
for zigzag swim for           puzzle new spine

beginner’s eye                    cripple mind
24 stitches to inch             torn lotus leaf obits
pierce circle                        wheatpaste fracture

climb temple steps            mugwort marrow
karbala knee stitch            sanitary napkins
suck tongue strip               by dip by strip

friends seam & rip             round bloody knees
parents fly from roof         stations of massacre
knot cut                                step-step-stepbow

baby waves                          friends cement
umbilical cord                    elders urn
pierce circle begin             baby tests bones

mosaic cipher                     mosaic fragments
pilgrim patterns                 dip strip suck tongue
stack circle back                 recast circle back

nail lucky bat                      donkey day crush
line to protect work           pearls into marrow
lost name women              names lost to tribe

stitch        orchid                stitch

orchid odes poetry prompts – ode to kimchi

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orchid odes poetry prompts
– ode to kimchi

pistil prompt:

write to a national treasure.

bite of heaven
credit: jeongho suh

ode to kimchi

pungent flower of earth & sea
salt petals of omma love
you tuck treasures five color directions
between your juicy folds

bluegreen cabbage general of east

ride seeds india to china to old koryo
to ancestors & their bold pickle experiment—mansei!
to bury crock promise against starvation—mansei!
to free green from fear of snow death—mansei!

white turnip general of west

two millennia ago did our dae dae many greats halmoni
salt fish or veggies first? southerners say: stick this anchovy
between your turnips. northerners nod: it’s all in the brine.
spicerack flakback: don’t forget late bloomer pepper
gift of corn people via portuguese japanese gunboats

black oyster general of north

come july you perfume seoul subway cars with garlic fields
missing omma, rok soldiers mix you with shovels spit gravel
chaebols make killing canning you for vietnam daehans

red shrimp general of south

you unwrap shy emperor’s quarters, racy, street vendor’s stall
you bubble bathtubs hawaii plantations to city of angels you
peasant squat kimchi fried rice kimchi pepperpot kimchi
pancake kimchi dumpling kimchi ramin kimchi museum

gold ginger general of center

kimchi tacotruck kimchi temper kimjang take our picture—
kimCHI! you are how spicy women make money with
sorrow seasoned hands why uri halmoni’s cracked laundress
cry-cry fingers made her cuke kimchi so teeth crunch happy

brine orchid brine

orchid odes poetry prompts – ode to lotus

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orchid odes poetry prompts
ode to lotus

pistil prompt:

work the wheel spokes.

lotus shrine, beobjusa temple, songnisan, korea
credit: belvin louie

ode to lotus

you bloom beauty from mud ruts silk road
right view
give soup its crunch candy its cartwheels
right intention
you hide-n-seek carp bridal bed frog passion
right speech
umbrella rainy season sweat rice sticky sweet
right action
give fortune her fertility farmers their medicine
right livelihood
spoke wheel eightfold path its unity cushion guanyin
right effort
let arhat he xiangu laugh at her
right mindfulness
immortal brothers’ transformations mud to mud
right concentration

chant orchid chant

Orchid Odes Poetry Prompts – Ode to Math

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orchid odes poetry prompts – ode to math

pistil prompt:

exercise your math & science.

sisters daughters
credit: belvin louie

ode to math


we gametes seduce diploids sweet
to let go half number chromosomes

divide into four daughter cells dna
dance cards reshuffled cigarettes optional

don’t sweat the math we sexy cells come
to monkey your fruit & flower mountain

way war empire slave trade silk
road journeys spiced-n-diced yours


we nuns back of mountain
monastery self chant division into

diploid daughter mini-monk
replicants identical chromosome

menu we are how you grow
heal divide multiply relentless march

nuclei proliferation baba gourd
seed to mama cymbidium sky

divide orchid multiply

orchid odes poetry prompts – ode to sex pistils

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orchid odes poetry prompts – ode to sex pistils

pistil prompt:

dust a poem with lust.

white tiger wheel
credit: belvin louie

ode to sex pistils

we bearers
bride & groom
red wedding sedan

gynoecium side of ride
stack sex pistils stigmas
sticky styles open
feather fetishes
tease follow me
behind ovary’s
green door

androecium side of ride
stamen stiffies filaments
moose anther loose
dust lust ready to
dog any passing carpel

tho there be orchids
who fuse double flutes
into single column
intersex pole dance
pollinator polinatee
ecstasy one three-
footed crow galaxy
amazons bedding
down girly men

mate orchid mate

orchid odes poetry prompts – ode to hummingbird

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orchid odes poetry prompts – ode to hummingbird

pistil prompt:

write to a favorite athlete or compulsion.

blue zoom
credit: marciazizzi/pixabay

ode to hummingbird

only hours from starvation
you drink your weight in gold
each day visit hundreds of honeys
brilliant coquettes giant emeralds topaz
bees mango jacobin hermits
when night drops so must
you into torpor stupor
until spider shake breakfast

you stunt fly backwards
up with the downstroke
float like a butterfly
zing like a bee
zoom like a choir of tiny violins
smoke ring vortices
hovercraft wings fourscore beats
each second summer patagonia past
bee squadrons gulf of mexico

your bill & tongue magic wand
orchid’s pleasure zoom zoom
lover of blur beak
periwinkle fuchsia who brought
ohlone fire refracting
rainbows thru prism
cells glossing your feathers
you are shellmound’s rise

zing orchid zing

orchid odes poetry prompts – ode to orchídea

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orchid odes poetry prompts – ode to orchídea

pistil prompt:

write a come on.

come hither
credit: belvin louie

ode to orchídea

itchy, b-man? buzz my lips drown
your soul my perfume set your wings

ablaze call me orchídea sweet
testicle my swollen labellum male

impersonator lap dance my dewy
folds let me licky stick you head to belly

golden thrash my stamen anther
pubes zoom yellow booted bacchanal

between hot pink sheets you tumble
off tipsy to dust my honey sisters

bloom another spring past dinosaur
saladeaters our 25,000 species vary

sex menu aunt herma dee swings both
ways cracks own seeds to feed

her lust sister underground blinds
ants with her musk dance sister

orgasmamus explodes knocks sticky
suitor off his feet when he

trips her pollen wire we got
game come fetish your feets

boom my honey
hear me b-man?

itch orchid itch

orchid odes poetry prompts – ode to magnolia

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orchid odes poetry prompts – ode to magnolia

pistil prompt:

write of girl heroine & her armor maker.

magnolia’s orchid sister
credit: belvin louie

ode to magnolia

for nguyen. jade orchid. midnight fragrance. lotus reborn in wings
of tree. full breasted bloom azalea wine. where doves rest.

mulan asks me to alter pants
she’ll don to crossdress as
soldier substitute for father

i add another gusset to crotch
bag out seat so no one will
be her heart shaped butt wiser

when sword skills reveal
her mettle again she summons
snow flower to quilt courage

beneath her metal petals ward
off enemy blows in secret i start
to pleat skirt prayer she’ll return

to simple flower life before enemy
catapults fresh firethorns already girl
tribes dream of following her banner

sew orchid sew

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