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orchid odes poetry prompts – ode to orchídea

pistil prompt:

write a come on.

come hither
credit: belvin louie

ode to orchídea

itchy, b-man? buzz my lips drown
your soul my perfume set your wings

ablaze call me orchídea sweet
testicle my swollen labellum male

impersonator lap dance my dewy
folds let me licky stick you head to belly

golden thrash my stamen anther
pubes zoom yellow booted bacchanal

between hot pink sheets you tumble
off tipsy to dust my honey sisters

bloom another spring past dinosaur
saladeaters our 25,000 species vary

sex menu aunt herma dee swings both
ways cracks own seeds to feed

her lust sister underground blinds
ants with her musk dance sister

orgasmamus explodes knocks sticky
suitor off his feet when he

trips her pollen wire we got
game come fetish your feets

boom my honey
hear me b-man?

itch orchid itch