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orchid odes poetry prompts

pistil poetry prompt:

wrap a poem in a protective leaf.

jong bamboo blankets
credit: belvin louie

ode to comfort food

when cannisters explode remember: bamboo
sword of peace strong as pliable prayer bowl
cups sweet rice chinese sausage bacon
peanuts shrimp moist as toisan nights
you are to new year as tamale leaf is to navidad

when fury frothes remember: lotus
frog oasis round as universe
embraces sticky rice chicken mushrooms
imparts fragrance temple gardens
calms beast within easy as baby finding his thumb

when crowd breaks into run remember: sesame
serrated hands returning wave to squids
drying beside you from clotheslines
you are farmer’s fast food wrapped around rice bite
soaked with soy garlic you are kimchee’s fleetest feet

cradle orchid cradle